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NY Strippers Arrested for Drugging Men & Charging $200k on Credit Cards


This all sounds about right according to AsKKissy.com.

Authorities say a crew of New York City strippers scammed wealthy men by drugging them and running up extravagant bills at topless clubs while they were in a daze.

The four strippers arrested in the case are accused of slipping ketamine, cocaine, tranquilizers and Molly into the patrons’ drinks before taking them around strip clubs in Manhattan and Queens, where they ran up their credit cards for more than $200,000.

A strip club manager was also taken into custody, as police allege the clubs paid the women as part the scam. The businesses aren’t facing criminal charges, though.

The men reported waking up in their cars or in hotel rooms with little or no memory of the encounters. Those who tried to dispute the strip club bills received texts from the strippers threatening to go public with their transgressions, authorities said.

The strippers allegedly blackmailed some of the men with sexually explicit photos of them in compromising positions they took after they were secretly drugged. Many of the photos were taken at the Hotel Gansevoort in the Meatpacking District.

Law enforcement officials have identified 41-year-old Ziyad Younan as one of the victims. Younan, a doctor from Holmdel, New Jersey, sued Scores New York for a $135,303 charge on his corporate American Express credit card.

Pretty ingenious scam until one person decided he didn’t care if his photos were leaked.