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Dismissed A&M Players Robbed Men Who They Were Selling Weed To

kevin sumlin

Sometimes no matter how talented you are, you just run out of chances. That seems to be the case with Texas A&M starting linebacker Darian Claiborne and starting defensive tackle Isaiah Golden who have been dismissed after run ins with the law. If you recall, Claiborne was the player who allegedly tried to hide his weed in a Hershey’s kiss. From Head Coach Kevin Sumlin:

“These two individuals have failed to meet the high expectations and standards that we have for our football players and as representatives of this university,” Sumlin said in a statement. “These two players have exhibited a pattern of behavior that we will not tolerate at Texas A&M.”

The latest bit information is that both players were selling weed to three men and then robbed them at gunpoint, according to this police report. There are starting to be whispers about Sumlin running a loose ship in College Station so a big move had to be made. Claiborne had been arrested twice just this offseason with both incidents involving weed. Golden was in the car with Claiborne when he got arrested the second time for a noise disturbance.

Both players are talented, especially Claiborne who was one of the most sought after LB prospects in the country but it looks like Sumlin has had enough. Aggravated Assault will do the trick just about everytime.