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Browns hope LeBron’s Presence In Cleveland Will Help Manziel


The biggest winners in LeBron James returning to Cleveland definitely have to be the Cleveland.  According to Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report the Browns are ecstatic about the return of King James.

Browns offcials reportedly believe LeBron James will have a great influence on Manziel and his persona off the field.

One member of the Browns coaching staff said he smiled wide and long after seeing the Decision II. Why? “There will not be a better mentor for Johnny than LeBron,” he explained.

The Johnny is Manziel—the swan riding, dollar bill folding party badass who has attracted a massive amount of attention before playing a single down in the NFL.

The Browns aren’t worried about Manziel off the field.   LeBron James’ has been the spotlight most of his life, and for the most part, he’s avoided any embarrassing situations.

In this Twitter-ized, social media world, appearance counts. This is where some on the Browns believe James can help Manziel.

James has been in the public eye since he was a teenager. “The Decision” TV special was a misstep—a massive one—but think about it: James hasn’t been photographed on a swan or getting blasted or rolling up a dollar bill, y’all. James has lived his public life, for the most part, impeccably.

James has been one of the most famous athletes in the world and has rarely been photographed in embarrassing positions. He’s smart about his public image while also enjoying his stardom. This is the lesson he can teach Manziel, either directly or by simply being in close proximity to the young star.

The Browns envision the tightening of the relationship between the two men and James showing Manziel how to live a public life in a way that Manziel can both be himself and not become a headline.

Nobody can tell Johnny Manziel what he can or can’t do, but James really does carry a lot of weight and influence with the former Heisman Trophy winner.