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Ray Rice’s Wife Pleaded With Commish Not to Ruin His Career & Image


As Stephen A. Smith found out you better be very careful about how you choose your words when it comes to domestic violence. You can’t go around victim blaming and it was clear Rice KOed his wife, but what if the victim is the one doing the campaigning that the punishment should be light?

According to MMQB and New York Post that is exactly happened in this case.

Rice’s wife, a source said, made a moving and apparently convincing case to Goodell during a June 16 hearing at Goodell’s office in Manhattan—attended by Rice, GM Ozzie Newsome, club president Dick Cass of Baltimore; and Goodell, Jeff Pash and Adolpho Birch of the league—that the incident in the hotel elevator was a one-time event, and nothing physical had happened in their relationship before or since. She urged Goodell, the source said, to not ruin Rice’s image and career with his sanctions.

Here is what the Post’s source said happen.

An impassioned plea from Ray Rice’s wife, Janay Palmer, at the Baltimore Ravens running back’s disciplinary hearing with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell reportedly was instrumental in limiting the length of Rice’s league suspension for a domestic violence incident involving Palmer to two games.

Should Roger Goodell have just ignored Janay Palmer and made an example out of Ray Rice?  Should Goodell have dropped the hammer that any domestic violence regardless of the situation would be dealt with severely? Should Goodell sent a message, that one time is still one time too many and you should never lay a hand on a woman?  These are the questions that should be asked.

I am not a domestic violence expert, so I can’t go into the mind of a woman who married a guy just weeks after he knocked her unconscious, I am not qualified to do that.  I am  just noting while people are upset and rightfully so about Ray Rice’s suspension, the person who should have been upset the most, was the same person making a plea for her husband not to get punished.