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Stephen A. Says Women Shouldn’t Provoke Men into Violence (Video)

Stephen A. Smith

It was a very long winded, poorly worded rant by Stephen A. Smith. In fact, Cari Champion summed up what I believe Stephen A. was trying to say in one sentence.


Stephen A. took two minutes and sort of danced around the issue he was trying to make, which is that no one should be hitting anyone, man or woman.

He did say several times to his credit that doesn’t give anyone an excuse (specifically Ray Rice) to KO anyone, but he would have just been better off saying what Cari said.

The law is states you have a right to defend yourself when you feel threatened. If someone strikes you and you feel like you are in danger, you are within your rights to strike back. But, sometimes you have to use common sense and control your anger. If a woman hits you, unless you are in fear of your life, don’t put your hands on them, call the police and walk away. I understand what Stephen A. is saying, I think he could have just presented it in a much clearer and precise way.

In his attempts to make it sound politically correct, it just made it sound a lot worse than what his actual point was. Regardless of what Ray Rice’s wife did beforehand, unless she had a knife or gun, she didn’t deserve to be knocked unconscious.  Two wrongs don’t make a right and all punches/slaps aren’t equal.

I don’t watch First Take, but I hope they gave Cari Champion an opportunity to speak, seeing that she is a woman and I would love to hear her take on the subject.  Michelle Beadle had strong thoughts.

Watch Stephen A.’s full take below and come up with your own thoughts courtesy of Deadspin and ESPN.

After the backlash Stephen A. had this to say via his Twitter account.

This will be a long tweeted message, folks. So please stay with me and let me finish my complete thought before responding…b/c i’m ANNOYED.

Upon hearing what I had to say, although admitting I could’ve been more articulate on the matter, let me be clear: I don’t understand how on earth someone could interpret that I somehow was saying women are to blame for domestic violence. And when I saw Michelle Beadle a colleague I have profound respect for — tweet what she tweeted, enough is enough. Something needs to be said right now.

There is absolutely no excuse to put your hands on a women. REPEATEDLY, I said dudes who do that need to be dealt with. REPEATEDLY, I echoed when confronted by it in the past — when someone was stupid enough to touch a loved one of this man, raised by 4 older sisters, a mom and numerous female relatives and loved ones, that man was dealt with. From that point, I simply asked: now what about the other side.

If a man is pathetic and stupid enough to put his hands on a woman — which I have NEVER DONE, btw — of course he needs to pay the price.

Who on earth is denying that? But what about addressing women on how they can help prevent the obvious wrong being done upon them?

In no way was I accusing a woman of being wrong. I was simply saying what that preventive measures always need to be addressed because there’s only but so much that can be done after the fact….once the damage is already done. Nothing more. My apologies to Michelle Beadle.

And any woman out there who misconstrued what I said. I have always — and will always — find violence against a women every bit as horrific as women, themselves, find it. Always have. Always will, which my personal behavior exemplifies. I’ll strive to be more articulate in the future. But be clear, I wasn’t BLAMING women for anything. I was simply saying to take all things into consideration for preventative.