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Woman Takes the Ugliest DuckFace Mugshot of All-Time (Photo)

Angela Green Duckface Mugshot

Rarely do I wish I never clicked on a story, but today is one of those days. Since I had to suffer, you have to suffer too.

Blame the Root.com for this. Here are the details.

An Ohio woman’s mugshot is making the rounds after she was arrested for refusing to leave a motel room over the weekend— and it’s all because of her lips. 

Wickliffe, Ohio police say they were called to a Quality Inn Saturday afternoon because two guests would not leave their room after the official 11 a.m. checkout. But 34-year-old Angela Green of Cleveland was not budging. Green got loud with the responding officers and refused to cooperate.

Eventually Green decided to obey the officer’s orders, but shortly after escorting her outside, the officers realized she gave them a fake name.  Green was arrested, booked and charged with obstructing official business and eventually posted $354 bond, but not before taking a mugshot that quickly went viral.

The Wickliffe Police Department posted Green’s mugshot on their Facebook page, and of course people couldn’t help but to share the picture and comment on the duck lips.

After the good looking prison guy mugshot went viral, criminals all over the world are going to try to take crazy selfie mugshots.  Sadly, most of them will look as bad as this one.