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Husband Sends Browns RB Penis Pics For Commenting on Wife’s IG

Terrance West

There is something a little off about this story, besides the obvious, but I just can’t put my finger on it.

Here is the timeline as presented by Deadspin.

Browns Rookie Running Back Terrance West was basically doing with 1000s of guys do each day. Liking a bunch of girls photos of Instagram hoping for a quick hook up.

Terrance West IG

Terrance West IG 2

He makes the mistake of actually putting his phone number in one of the comments hoping to get the woman to call or text him (FYI any time you say, delete this after you get it, you are doing things all wrong). The woman happens to be married and her husband caught wind of the situation.

It gets a little weird from here. The husband decided to take West’s number and send West penis photos, he also had his buddies do the same thing. Not exactly the way I would have handle the situation, but like I said the whole thing is a bit strange.

Eventually, West blocked everyone and put his IG page on private, but……..

There is one final plot twist, West has a girlfriend, because everyone cheats. She left him allegedly after the incident, normally not a big deal, besides the fact they got each other names tattooed on their body.

Terrance West Matchign tats

Terrance West Matching Tats 2

And we think Johnny Manziel has off the field issues.