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Michael Beasley’s Rented Porsche Gets Repoed (Photo)


There are no words.

Free agent forward Michael Beasley hasn’t exactly been the brightest player in the NBA during his tenure in the league, making waves multiple time for boneheaded offenses (taking seflies with weed in the background anyone?), but his latest incident may be the most Beasley thing of all-time.

Somehow, the forward got his Hertz rental car repoed.

Yes you read that right. A rental car. Repoed. I can’t even with this. TMZ has more on how a millionaire NBA player somehow got a car he doesn’t own repossessed.


TMZ Sports obtained pics of Beasley’s rented Porsche 911 getting hooked up to a tow truck Tuesday at his West Hollywood hotel.

Technically, it’s not a repo … since Beasley was only renting — but the bottom line is he failed to return it to Hertz at LAX, so they came and got it.

According to our sources … Beasley picked up the car on July 22 and was supposed to bring it back on July 26, but obviously never did. We’re told Beasley’s total bill is $1,744.34…the car’s trunk was filled with size 16 shoes. We’re told the repo guy was nice enough to remove the kicks and leave ’em with the hotel valet.


It takes a special kind of person to forget to return a rental, and forget an entire Jordan collection in his trunk. Forget the rental car, there are Bred 11’s, Fire Red 3’s and Grape 5’s in that trunk! Chalk this one up to another case of Beas being Beas. Unfortunately for the forward, situations like this are just another reason he is on the cusp of being out of the league completely.