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Report: Suns Rejected Pacers Trade Offer of Roy Hibbert

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The Pacers are going to be in a world of hurt next year. They had trouble scoring with Paul George and Lance Stephenson in the lineup, now they won’t have either, so they are reaching out to find some offense and are being rejected.

Here are the details according to

In the wake of Paul George’s injury, the Indiana Pacers are looking to change up their team to add some pop to the offense. It appears they recently contacted the Phoenix Suns about acquiring third-team All-NBA player Goran Dragic, offering the former Defensive Player of the Year in return.

Bright Side’s own Jogi translated most of the video for us and decided that it seems to be a new offer made after Paul George’s injury.

“Indiana offered Roy Hibbert, Chris Copeland and some cash,” Dragic told the reporter from Ekipa. “But according to my sources, the Suns rejected the offer.”