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Women Steal Watches From Vegas Tourists & Hides Them In Their Vaginas



Three women are accused of stealing expensive watches from tourists at a high-end hotel on the Las Vegas Strip and attempting to conceal the watches in their vaginas.

According to a police report from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, two of the women met the tourists from India at a bar inside of the Encore hotel-casino in the early hours of Aug. 17.

Bryanna Warren, 23, and Charmella Triggs approached a single man at about 3:30 a.m. and began flirting with them. The man told them that he was staying at a hotel with a friend. One of the women gave him her phone number and then Warren and Triggs left.

The tourist was on his way back to his room about 30 minutes later when he met up with the accused thieves. He invited them into his room and they began drinking. Pretty soon, the man’s friend joined the trio. The women then asked if they could invite their friend, 23-year-old Trinity Kennard.

After Kennard arrived, things started to get a little heated. Warren allegedly took one of the men to the bedroom and asked him to undress. She then began performing a sexual act on him. Warren then complained that the man’s $12,000 Rolex Submariner watch was scratching her and asked him to take it off.

In the meantime, the other two women were sitting in the living room with the other man. They encouraged him to drink more and more alcohol. At some point, he took off his $4,000 Rolex GMT Master and placed it on the couch beside him. Eventually, Kennard allegedly climbed on his lap and began fondling him.

During the encounter, the man noticed his watch was missing and saw Triggs reportedly leaving the room quickly. He yelled for his friend in the bedroom to help.

That man quickly put on his underwear and chased the three women out of the room. They ran to the elevator and when the man attempted to follow them inside, one of them pulled a stun gun. The tourist quickly returned to his room and called hotel security.

Hotel security spotted the females with their surveillance cameras and called Las Vegas police. The police officers were able to stop the women as they attempted to flee in a cab. They hauled the suspected thieves into the hotel-casino’s security office. The police searched the suspects and found the stun gun and one of the watches, covered in menstrual blood, in a purse. The police were told that the other watch had been tossed in some bushes during their attempted escape.

The report says that women police reviewed the surveillance video, two of the women could be seen hiking up their dresses in the elevator, squatting and then inserting something into their vaginas.

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