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WSU Passes 56 Times for 532 Yards in Loss to Rutgers


If you follow college football, I don’t see how you couldn’t like Mike Leach. At worst he is very entertaining to listen to and he has consistently shown he doesn’t care what other people think of him or his coach philosophies. That was on full display in Washington State’s Thursday night opener against Rutgers in which WSU threw the ball 56 times for 532 yards while their leading rusher only had 6 carries . Leach has been running the Air Raid offense since his Texas Tech days so this doesn’t come as much of surprise, you would just think he would want to have some kind of balance offensively. At this rate WSU will be able to save some scholarship money and not recruit running backs in the future. I just hope none of his quarterbacks’ arms fall off in the process from exhaustion.

In comparison, Texas A&M’s Kenny Hill threw the ball 60 times against South Carolina, but they also ran 39 run plays in the process.