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4 Sources Saw Ray Rice Tell Goodell He Punched & KOed Wife


The NFL and Roger Goodell maintain that Ray Rice in essence lied to them about what was on the elevator tape. However, an independent investigation done by ESPN’s Outside the Lines proves that this is another lie concocted by the league to cover up the fact that they simply turned the other cheek in a very serious investigation.

Last week, Goodell told CBS News that, during the disciplinary meeting, Rice provided an “ambiguous” account of what had happened inside the elevator. And in its Sept. 12 letter justifying the indefinite suspension, the league said Rice’s account was “starkly different” from what was seen on the inside-elevator video. Four sources, however, told “Outside the Lines” that Rice gave Goodell a truthful account that he struck his fiancée. Furthermore, it would seem that if Rice had given an “ambiguous” account, sources say Goodell had even more incentive to try to obtain a copy of the in-elevator video to clear up any lingering questions. But he did not do that. “For you not to have seen the video is inexcusable,” a league source told “Outside the Lines.” “Because everybody was under the impression that you had.”

Commissioner Goodell gave a press conference on Friday afternoon to explain the league’s side in this messy situation. Frankly, there is no way to explain any of this information. The NFL clearly was looking out for the best interests of the Ravens organization, rather than focusing on the horrific act that occurred in that elevator.

[h/t ESPN]