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Alex Boone On Deion’s Comments: Keep Our Name Out Of Your Mouth

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The 49ers are trying to show a united front for the organization but with so many tails wagging they don’t know where to start.

49ers have been fighting the rumors that the organization and the players are not happy with head coach, Jim Harbaugh. Recently, GM Trent Baalke and Guard Alex Boone spoke to “The Damon Bruce Radio Show” about Deion comments and others anonymous sources saying players want Harbaugh out. As a matter of fact, Boone says the 49ers love Harbaugh.

“If you’re not in our locker room, then keep the 49ers name out of your mouth,” Boone told the radio show. “Let’s just do that because you have no idea what goes on inside our locker room. For guys to talk about ‘oh so and so told me this,’ ‘who’s so and so?’ ‘Oh I can’t tell you that.’ Because it’s probably not true. It’s not important.”

“As a matter of fact, I know for a fact that everybody loves Harbaugh,” Boone said.

“To be quite honest I find it a little ridiculous when people outside the locker room are talking about it,” Baalke told “The Damon Bruce Show” on KGMZ-FM. “Let’s get back to football. Let’s talk about the game itself, the performance of the guys, the way they grinded through things, the coaching staff included. It’s a good victory and those are the things we should be talking about.”

Baalke is right about one thing, people are so focused on Harbaugh and his impending contract as well as his future that no one has focused on the team. Regardless of how players or outsiders feel about Harbaugh, he is there to do one thing, win. Being focused on multiple reports and allegations won’t return this team back to the Super Bowl; so if the players and personnel have to put on a muzzle on until the end of the season, they need to do so to return back to football.