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Dan Snyder Releases Statement Supporting Goodell


Pop quiz hot shot, you’re Roger Goodell in the middle of the worse scandal of your career as NFL Commissioner and acomes owner with a questionable reputation on sensitivity who has a scandal of his own comes out waving the flag on your side, what do you do? What do you do?
Okay, so my Keanu/Dennis Hopper needs some work. Roger Goodell woke up this morning and looked at his phone and must have gotten a little sick to his stomach when he heard Washington Redskins owner, Dan Snyder released a statement becoming the second owner to publicly support the commish through this rough patch.

Via Pro Football Talk,

“Roger Goodell has always had the best interests of football at heart, both on and off the field,” Snyder said in a statement released Saturday morning. “We are fortunate to have him as our Commissioner. The entire Washington Redskins organization strongly endorses his efforts to eradicate domestic abuse and the independent investigation into the Ray Rice assault.”

I’m no PR scientist or anything like that but I believe when a scandal starts to die down you definitely don’t want a controversial figure weighing in on it but I guess Roger Goodell needs all the support he can get right?