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Knicks Owner James Dolan Records Trayvon Martin Song for Album (Audio)

James Dolan Band

Are you familiar with the band JD and the Straight Shot? Well, if you haven’t this story is awesome. You may know James Dolan as being the owner of the New York Knicks and New York Rangers. Some may know him as the president and chief executive of Cablevision, but to some of you may know him as the ‘JD’ in JD and the Straight Shot. James Dolan loves to play on his free time, which is much more plentiful now that he’s allowed Phil Jackson to take the lead on the Knicks. Well, they have a new album being released this month and on their new album, “Where I’ve Been”, James Dolan has a song about the Trayvon Martin tragedy. You can scroll to the bottom for the lyrics or just listen to the song here.

Via the New York Times,



On the album Dolan sings bluesy tunes about controversial topics like politics and race. At first thought an owner of any professional sports team should spend as little time speaking about those topics as possible. One slip up and the media will have a field day. I’m sure when the album drops it will be gone over with a fine tooth comb. Still, making this song about the Trayvon Martin incident seems weird to me. Someone might see that as someone trying to profit from a young boys death. The fact that it’s James Dolan and he’s not doing it for the money or notoriety probably gives him some wiggle room though.