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Mike Vick Says You Can’t Compare Dogs to Humans

Michael Vick Wants Ray Rice To Get Second Chance

Since the Ray Rice domestic violence video has been released, several people have compared Rice’s crime to the crime committed by Jets QB Michael Vick. Vick was charged and convicted for animal cruelty in a situation where he was found to be abusing dogs and conducting dog fighting contests. When Vick was asked if he felt Ray Rice’s situation was worse than the crime he committed, he was very candid in his response. He didn’t feel that his dog fighting situation could be compared to Rice’s domestic abuse because, according to him, you can’t compare an animal to a human.

“This one is tough,” he told Newsday Wednesday. “I think what I did doesn’t compare to what this case is and what came out of this. It’s just a situation where men have to understand that we’re men. Women are a lot smaller and not as physical as us. We just have to think before we react. It’s not man-on-man. It’s man-on-woman and that’s unfair.”

“It’s just as bad,” he said. “I won’t compare dogs to humans in this situation. But you’re talking about a man putting his hands on a woman, so it’s a totally different realm. You’re not talking about somebody abusing an animal. You’re talking about a man abusing a woman.”

Vick did say that he was felt that everyone deserved a second chance, including Ray Rice, and that he was planning to reach out to Rice.

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