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Ravens Owner and GM Confilct Over Rice’s Account

File photo of Baltimore Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti in Baltimore

Ravens Owner Steve Bisciotti has a conflicting account with their General Manager Ozzie Newsome on whether or not Ray Rice lied in his interview with the NFL and Roger Goodell according to Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio. Newsome, who was in the room during Rice’s meeting with the NFL, has been on the record saying that Rice didn’t lie about what happened in that elevator. Bisciotti is now trying to portray it as if Rice told the Ravens that he hit her with an open hand and that she fell and hit her head.

“The way that it was described to us was that he had hit her that he had hit her with an open-hand and that she had hit her head,” Bisciotti had told WBAL-TV on Wednesday. “We already knew that she had told the police that they had consumed an enormous amount of alcohol, like 2 bottles of hard liquor between 4 of them.”

The differing accounts between Bisciotti and Newsome should come as no surprise to anyone, considering all of the misinformation and accounts we have already received concerning this situation. Even Commissioner Roger Goodell has not directly and come out accusing Rice of lying. The more information that we hear, the more it leads to questions about the culpability of Roger Goodell.