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Ron Rivera Is Waiting To Unleash Cam Newton


With three RBs down, the Carolina Panthers just can’t seem to find their running game. QB Cam Newton was a big part of this Carolina Offense but with a recent ankle surgery and a bruised rib, running hasn’t been his first instinct as previous seasons. Ron Rivera has said that Cam’s running game is obviously missed but the old Cam we all know is coming back, maybe sooner than later.

“It’s very hard,” Rivera said, via “You can see it. You just know he wants to cut loose and do certain things. You can feel it, and a lot of times you see him start to do it, but it’s coming. We’ve got to do this the right way.”

Rivera and Shula have been very conservative this year concerning their offensive plays. Cam Newton is one of the most mobile QB’s in the league and to see him so stationary is not what fans or him are use to. It would be different if the offensive line was preventing from being hit but Cam has already been sacked 9 times, so if he’s going to get hit, might as well add a few yards to it. Unleashing Cam would need to come soon if the Panthers don’t want to get themselves so far in a hole that they can’t get themselves out of.