Terrell Suggs Clowns Tomlin With ‘We Will Never Forget’ Sideline T-Shirt – BlackSportsOnline
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Terrell Suggs Clowns Tomlin With ‘We Will Never Forget’ Sideline T-Shirt

Terrell Suggs T shirt

I know most football lovers will remember what Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin did to Jacoby Jones last season but here is some background for those who don’t.

Last season Tomlin interfered with Jones on a kickoff return in a close game that the Ravens went on to win; the coach was not flagged but was issued a $100,000 penalty for his actions.

Well, with the two teams playing each other Week 2, linebacker Terrell Suggs wants Tomlin to know that nobody will forget what happened last season.

According to Bleacher Report, Suggs has made a custom t-shirt that reads ‘We Will Never Forget.’

Check out what Suggs said about the shirt.

“I just dug deep within myself, and this is the image that came up with this whole Steelers rivalry. We just wanted to let their head coach know we will never forget what transpired here in this game last year.”

And as if wearing the shirt wasn’t enough, Suggs is also selling the shirt on his website.

When Tomlin was jokingly asked if he was going to be a part of the team’s kickoff coverage this week, he responded that he won’t be and that Jacoby Jones is safe.

I love when stuff like this happens and it makes for an even more interesting game come this Thursday. I’ll definitely be tuned in.