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Stiviano Lawsuit Against Shelly Sterling Dismissed

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At least one part of the V. Stiviano versus the Sterlings circus is finally coming to an end. The judge presiding over the Stiviano’s lawsuit against Shelly Sterling for defamation has dismissed the case for lack of sufficient evidence.

Judge Richard Fruin said last week he planned to allow the suit, but he reconsidered after arguments from Shelley Sterling’s lawyer.

The judge found that V. Stiviano presented no evidence to support her claim that Shelley Sterling called her a thief and an embezzler in public forums. He said that while Stiviano claimed she was defamed in hundreds if not thousands of publications, she did not present a single quotation to support her claim.

If you’re not quite full of your Stiviano versus the Sterlings in all its glory, never fear. Shelly Sterling is suing Stiviano for $2.5 million, which was given to Stiviano in gifts from Donald Sterling.

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