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WWE Hell in a Cell Recap: Wyatt Makes a Statement


WWE’s annual Hell in a Cell pay-per-view came to us live last night from Dallas, and while the co-main events lived up to the hype, both Hell in a Cell matches had endings that left much to be desired. Let’s get right to the recap.


Wyatt Returns to Prevent Ambrose’s Revenge

Easily the most anticipated battle on the card was the showdown between Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose inside the Hell in a Cell. Shockingly, WWE decided to listen to its fans and placed the two stars into their first main event over the Randy Orton-John Cena bout, and boy did the former Shield members deliver.

Ambrose makes his way out to the ring first and has a kendo stick strapped to his back. He then proceeds to toss seven or eight chairs into the ring because Hell in a Cell isn’t enough and I already love everything about this. Ambrose looks like he can’t wait for this match to start, and he decides to scale the Cell and wait for Rollins on top of the demonic structure!

Ambrose is going absolutely insane on top of the Cell getting the crowd hyped up as we Rollins finally makes his way out to the ring followed by Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury. Rollins yells at Ambrose to come down as JBL and Michael Cole say they’ve never seen a Cell match start like this because sure nobody remembers Undertaker-Mankind.

Rollins begins to make his way up the Cell but instead sends Mercury and Noble to bring Ambrose down. The two stooges make their way up top and Ambrose begins to immediately beat them down with a kendo stick. Rollins sneaks up on Ambrose and the two are finally doing battle as the crowd explodes.

Noble and Mercury grab Ambrose as he starts to gain momentum and Rollins begins to beat him down with the kendo stick before telling the goons to toss Ambrose off the Cell. The Lunatic begins to fight back and Rollins tries to escape by climbing down the Cell.

Ambrose chases him and finally catches Mr. Money in the Bank as the two begin to trade haymakers while hanging from the Cell before…

Both men go flying off the Cell and through tables! WOW!

Officials call for ringside doctors and both men are stretchered off after taking such a hard fall. While Rollins is perfectly content with being taking out, Ambrose flips out and escapes his stretcher and attacks Rollins. The Lunatic Fringe throws Rollins off the stretcher and into the Cell wall before getting him in the Cell and yelling at the official to lock the door.

After all of that, this match is officially underway. Ambrose picks up a chair and waits for Rollins to get up and yelling at Rollins that he’s about to pay for his betrayal.

Ambrose snaps and begins to nail Rollins with the chair repeatedly before grabbing a screwdriver and looking to attack Mr. Money in the Bank with it. While Rollins reverses and avoids that, he can’t avoid the running dropkick from Ambrose that sends Seth flying off of the ring and into the Cell.

Table time. Ambrose pulls one out from under the ring and sets it up against the Cell wall. Rollins escapes by running to the other side of the ring and Ambrose responds by hitting a suicide dive that sends Rollins into the Cell.

Now Ambrose is setting up a pile of chairs in the ring and attempts to suplex Rollins onto them before Mr. Money in the Bank reverses and finally gains some momentum by back-dropping Ambrose onto the chairs.

Now it’s Rollins turn to set up a table as he wedges one between the ring and Cell. As Rollins tries to suplex Ambrose through the table, the Lunatic lays him out on top of it before going full Mick Foley on Rollins.


Ambrose isn’t done there as he starts grating Rollins face against the Cell before Corporate Kane shows up out of nowhere and blasts a fire extinguisher in Ambrose’s face, momentarily blinding him and allowing Rollins to recover. Now in control, Rollins picks up Ambrose for a power bomb and tosses him through the table the Lunatic had set up earlier in the match.

Rollins tosses Ambrose back into the ring and hits a massive Curb Stomp for the 1-2- AMBROSE KICKED OUT!

Desperate, Rollins heads outside to grab his brief case and then starts beating Ambrose with the chair. Rollins then puts Ambrose’s head on the brief case to set up another Curb Stomp, but the Lunatic recovers and tries to hit Dirty Deeds.

Rollins reverses and hits a huge kick to Ambrose’s head, but Dean just bounces off the ropes and blasts Rollins with a massive clothesline. Now Ambrose has the brief case and he nearly takes Rollins head off with it but only is able to get a near-fall! What a sequence!

Ambrose starts laughing and yelling before basically going insane and heading outside of the ring for more weapons. The Lunatic goes under the ring and brings out… two cinder blocks!

Oh Seth is about to get some sweet, sweet poetic justice. Ambrose sets Rollins head on the cinder blocks and is going to Curb Stomp him through them when…

The lights suddenly cut out and we hear a creepy voice over the loud speakers repeating an indecipherable message over and over again. The lights come back on and the arena is lit up by cell phones while a lantern in the middle of the ring begins to spit out smoke and what appears to be a hologram as Ambrose tries to figure out what exactly is going on.

Out of nowhere Bray Wyatt makes his return and takes Ambrose out! The lights go out again and we cut back to see Wyatt crab-walking to Ambrose before hitting a massive slam on the Lunatic.

Wyatt then sits on his knees and waits as Rollins cautiously crawls over for the cover and the win. Rollins heads out of the ring with his win as we see Wyatt pick up Ambrose and hit Sister Abigail to close out the show.


While Wyatt’s return was unexpected and awesome, this match needed a definitive finish. However, the outcome keeps Ambrose looking strong, keeps Rollins look slimey and catapults Wyatt back into the main event scene.

The best part of all of this? It looks like we’re headed towards a Ambrose-Wyatt feud of craziness that is going to be so much fun to watch.

The rest of the Wyatt Family was noticeably absent here, so it will be interesting to see where things go Monday night. Was Wyatt working for the Authority? Is he a solo act who was doing whatever he wanted? Does Ambrose even care? Let’s get to Monday Night already!


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