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Adrian Peterson’s Tweet Comparing His Case to Darren Wilson


I understand emotions are running high in the wake of Darren Wilson not being charged in the death of Michael Brown.

But, this is a time where if you have something to say it should be about healing and how we can make change, so these murders of young black men can stop happening. The last thing you want to do is use what is going on to try to make some sort of statement that you were railroaded in your own case, but that is what Adrian Peterson inexplicably did.

Adrian Peterson Tweet

Besides the fact that Peterson’s case while serious did not result in the loss of life, it just shows that Peterson has little to no self-awareness about what is going on.

He’s right he is entitled to his opinion, but that doesn’t mean people can’t say it is an awful one. Peterson took a plea deal, served no jail time and collected millions on suspension. Michael Brown was left dead on the street for four and half hours. Have some perspective Adrian Peterson, I am begging you. I get what he is trying to say, but it just wasn’t the time to say it.