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Cris Carter on AP: “He Needs Psychological help”

Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions

The NFL announced Tuesday morning that Adrian Peterson would be suspended without pay for the remainder of the 2014 season.

The NFLPA announced plans to appeal the suspension and Peterson could seek other options.

Peterson’s act were egregious–does that mean the running back has some underlying psychological issues to resolve?

The NFL highlighted Peterson’s lack of remorse, and made it clear that his reinstatement would hinge on the results of counseling.

Former Vikings great and ESPN analyst, Cris Carter, believes the running back should seek psychological help as well.

I believe counseling and the opportunity for Peterson to voice his feelings to a professional can only help the embattled running back become a better parent.

Is he a sociopath like Carter is trying to make him out to be?

I’ll let a licensed clinician determine that.