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Jay Gruden Says The Jury is Still Out on Redskins QB Position

Colt McCoy

The Redskins are never going to be a successful team until someone steps up and say this guy is our starting quarterback and we are sticking by him rain, sleet or snow. Until then everyone will be looking over their shoulder and factions will arise in the locker room.

Jay Gruden had a chance to at least slow down some of the chatter, but when he had the chance he say this via Washington Post.

The Redskins this week enter their bye with a 3-6 record and still unsure about the future of the most important position on the field.

“You start out with Robert, you give him all the reps in training camp and then he hurts his ankle and then he misses five or six weeks,” Gruden said. “We get a good look at Kirk [Cousins]. We get a good look a Colt [McCoy] and now it’s back to Robert. So, the jury is still out on that position. But we feel good about Robert’s progress so far and we’ve just got to continue to build and see how he does from week to week to week and hopefully we can see that here at the end of the season. That’s what we have to see and that’s what we have to find out.”

What he should have said is Robert is our starting quarterback. We all stand behind Robert and together we will be better as a team.

Pretty simple, but things are never simple in DC.