Ricky Williams: Black Jury Wouldn’t Have Convicted AP (Video) – BlackSportsOnline
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Ricky Williams: Black Jury Wouldn’t Have Convicted AP (Video)

Ricky Williams
Former NFL running back, yoga instructer, and one time pot advocate Ricky Williams was on the Jim Rome show where they were discussing Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice.

Ricky was 100% correct that we should not be lumping these two incidents together but I believe he’s way off to say that Adrian did nothing wrong. Ray Rice made things very testy around the NFL so when the Peterson incident broke the media took it and ran. I do think this incident was overblown but Peterson definitely was wrong in what he did. This isn’t a black or white thing it’s simply a right or wrong thing. I understand parents should be allowed to discipline their children but the age of the child along with the injuries and the way AP went about the whole thing was just wrong.