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Manziel Says Shutout Was Humbling, ‘I’ve Never Not Scored a Point’

Johnny Manziel brought everything to life

Ok, ok. At this point we all know that Johnny Manziel dropped the ball in his debut game yesterday afternoon vs. the Bengals. The loss was one thing but according to NBC Sports the hardest part for Johnny was watching film this morning.

After losing so badly there’s only so much you can do, and I know Manziel didn’t expect this to be the outcome for his first real chance on the field with the big boys. When asked about the subject, “Absolutely. Very humbling,” was what Manziel said in reply to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. He then goes more in depth with his views.

“This game, obviously it has its ups and downs and yesterday was one of those days for us that didn’t go our way. It’s very humbling. I feel like they had good scheme and came out very aggressive and very ready for that game and we didn’t come out that way and match that intensity early.” 

A situation like this has to be humbling for someone like Johnny, who was never shut out in college, better yet in his entire football career.

“I’ve never – it’s the first game I’ve ever not scored a point in and been shut out,” he said. “I’ve played in a lot of games I feel like from high school through college and that one and never been shut out until then, so it was definitely tough.”

This is just a reality check for the rookie quarterback but I hope he can use this as a learning opportunity and adjust his game to cater to the professional football league. I know we’ll be discussing more on the topic after we see how Johnny Football plays in his second career start next week.