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Marcus Vick: People Will Be in Full Kill a Cracker Mode Soon

marcus vick

Let’s ignore the fact for a minute it is Marcus Vick talking and just look at what he is saying.

Excusing some of the wording, his point is valid, that eventually if these things keep happening, people (not just black people, but all people) are going to get fed up.

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I am not suggesting anyone go out and kill people, because two wrongs don’t make a right. People and specifically minorities are just asking for a fair shake and they have been asking for a VERY LONG TIME. People say with Michael Brown there were too many conflicting witnesses, but what do you say about Eric Garner?

He allegedly committed the horrific crime of selling cigarettes, had his hands up, wasn’t threatening or resisting, was put in an illegal hold, told cops he couldn’t breath, it was ruled a homicide and still the cops didn’t get indicted.

How do you expect people to feel when they see stuff like that?

It is hard to think and act rationally when irrational things are happening so often and no one has a good reason why. People are dying who should be alive and cops are getting away with it.