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Ohio State Destroys Wisconsin But Was it Enough For Committee?

Cardale Jones

Most believe it was a 50/50 game between Wisconsin and Ohio State after JT Barrett broke his ankle, Wisconsin was even considered a slight favorite. It wouldn’t have shocked anyone if OSU won, but when the final whistle blew I think everyone was shocked.

Wisconsin had lost two games this season by a total of 11 points, so no one was expecting the 59-0 beatdown that Ohio State gave them. Considering it was a neutral site (even though pro Buckeye crowd) and the committee had the Badgers ranked #11 in their latest poll, the question begs did Ohio State do enough to jump into the Top 4?

The committee is supposed to match the four best teams in the playoffs. Alabama and Oregon are no brainers and no matter how FSU is winning, they are still the only undefeated team in a power 5 conference and defending National Champions. In my opinion FSU is a no-brainer as well.

If that the case it comes down to TCU, OSU and Baylor. The situation with TCU and Baylor is an interesting one because TCU loss is better than Baylor loss, but one small problem though, TCU loss was to Baylor. So, it depends on what you value more, head to head or quality of loss?

OSU argument comes from they believe they are in a better conference, have more quality wins and unlike Baylor and TCU won their regular season and conference championship game.

Three solid arguments, but here is one argument that shouldn’t be considered by the committee but probably will be.

Ohio State is a traditional national power with a huge fanbase willing to travel anywhere and drive massive ratings. In the end, the committee might use TCU/Baylor not having a championship game as a reason to put OSU in.

My Top 4 would be Oregon, Alabama, FSU & Baylor (I just find it hard to put a team in that another team his beat fair and square head to head). I think the committee top 4 will be Alabama, Oregon, FSU & OSU. What do you believe?