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Redskins Want You to Call 301 Number For “CYBER MONDAY” Sale

Redskins Cyber Monday

I have a serious question.

What is wrong with the Redskins? I understand there are many dysfunctional franchises out there, but none seem to be so unaware of what is going on around them than the Redskins. It is like they live in a cocoon and don’t even realize some of the dumb stuff they do.

In this case they are trying to get in on CYBER MONDAY. The whole point of Cyber Monday is so you don’t have to talk to anyone or leave your couch, you can just do everything online. One small problem with the Redskins sale, they are making you CALL IN, that defeats the whole purpose of the day.

The Verge explains what happens when you call in.

When you dial 301-276-6800, you’re greeted by a full 45 seconds of completely out of context Redskins highlights (evidently Pierre Garçon once caught an 89-yard touchdown, which is cool, I guess) before an agent picks up to help you buy premium season tickets. It all seems like it’d be much easier to do online, especially because buying tickets is already very easy online. We’ve been doing this for a while, Washington.


They will be doing RG3 a favor by trading him in offseason.