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RG3 Likely to Be Back With Redskins Next Year

Jay RG3, luck

I am not sure if this is a good or bad thing for RG3. I think a fresh start away from the circus in Washington would be a good for him, but on the flip side if you want to be a franchise quarterback you have to be able to handle the good and bad times.

Here is the thinking in Washington according to NFL.com.

Jay Gruden feels good about his chances to return to D.C. next season year, and according to NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport, so should Robert Griffin III.

The maligned quarterback, who has been benched several times already this year and was subject to some pretty pointed criticisms by Gruden himself, is likely to remain in Washington. Gruden, as it turns out, really doesn’t care who is quarterback is, as long as it’s someone who can handle the system.

If RG3 is going to be the quarterback, he needs to improve of course, but they have to improve the offensive line and not have RG3 looking over his shoulder every 20 seconds worrying about if he will be benched.

You have to be all in or all out with RG3.