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Husband of Cheating Wife Live Blogs About Her Infidelity

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What would you do if you looked in your spouse’s phone and found them sending racy texts and photos to another man or woman? Would you confront them? Would you act as if nothing has happened? One man decided to do the unthinkable and live blog the painful experience.

According to, the man found disturbing text messages between his wife and another man. He decided to take to the Internet and share his pain. He started an account on under the alias ‘MyLifeSuxNow’ and let readers know step by step and day by day what he was dealing with with his unfaithful wife. He started his blog with:

“My wife is cheating on me as evidenced by filthy text messages, I know but she doesn’t know that I do.

I scroll up, and there are multiple nudes from both of them waiting for me to discover. Most of them are dated sometime between 1-4am (usually I’m sleeping then, smart) so I knew she was obviously trying to hide it from me.

She’s cheating on me. They talk about sex positions they want to try… and one short conversation about meeting up this weekend.

I’ve erased all trace of me breaking into her phone. I don’t know what to do now. Jenny is cheating on me but we’ve had no major problems in the time we’ve been together.”

The heartbroken husband then asked Reddit readers what he should do saying:

“Should I tell her I know? Should we split and file divorce right away?

Goddammit I loved her. I have screenshotted the texts and emailed them to myself.

I feel like someone has shot me in the stomach.

It really sucks speaking to her normally, but I’m dealing with it. No sex. Also, I’ve found 3 excellent divorce lawyers for myself.

Goddammit she’s on her phone texting again in the bathroom. I can hear the send button being pressed over and over. It’s probably nudes and sexy talk.

‘Jeesus this hurts.”

His wife had no clue that he had any suspicions of her cheating. He hired a private investigator to follow his wife and the other man around and kept readers hooked as he blogged up until the final moment of confronting her.  His final post read:

“A huge part of my life is falling apart around me. I’ll find a way to cope…..I can get through this. I’ll update as soon as I can.”

Sad situation. I hope his next blog update is a picture of his finalized divorced papers.