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J. Cole Turns His Childhood Home Into Rent-Free Housing For Single Moms

J. Cole

I have nothing but respect for those who give back to their community and the less fortunate. J. Cole, rapper from Fayetteville, North Carolina, continues to show that he stands for what he believes in and wants to make a positive changes in the community where he grew up. J Cole stopped by The Combat Jack Show to share his plans to turn his childhood home into rent-free housing for single mothers.

J. Cole and his brother grew up on a military base until all went south when his parents divorced. His mom was then forced to take him and his brother and move to a trailer park on the outskirts of Fayetteville, via theGrio.com

J Cole recalls growing up:

The neighborhood we lived in was f—ed up. I knew the energy was not right. I knew my mother was the only white lady in the neighborhood and there as no man in the house.

Eventually, his mom was able to purchase a small home for the family on Forest Hills Drive, which J Cole named his most recent album after. She was unable to continue to make payments on the home and lost the house due to financial hardships. Since then J. Cole has been able to buy back the home and wants the house he grew up in to serve those women in similar situations.

J.Cole wants to give children who normally live under stressful conditions a sense of peace.

My goal is to have this be a haven for families. Every two years, a new family will come in and live rent-free. The idea is that it’s a single mother with multiple kids and she’s coming from a place where all her kids are sharing a room. I want her kids to feel how I felt when we got to the house.

You have to respect J. Cole even more after this.