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NFL Players Dropping $5K on Custom Mouth Guards (Photos)


NFL players are really starting to put their money where their mouth is — literally. Players around the league, and some in the Super Bowl are dropping upwards of $5K on custom mouth guards.

The man behind the piece is Dr. Michael Wright of “The WrightGuard” … who tells us high-end custom protection is becoming a major trend with athletes in a variety of sports … from hoops to football and boxing.

In fact, Wright says he was recently approached by a NFL star who’s playing in the Super Bowl (Wright says he can’t reveal the player’s ID) … who requested a mouthpiece with some massive diamonds flanking the front.

“The Super Bowl athlete brought his own diamonds,” Wright says … “I don’t know how many carats, but they were huge.”

Wright says his mouthpieces are just as functional as they are flossy — and says he has a special 3-layer process to make sure the gold, silver and/or diamonds are sealed in a way that it won’t harm the user.

Wright says he’s gotten some crazy requests from some of his athletes — some people want team logos others want their Twitter handles — and says team reps sometimes oversee the process to make sure the mouthpiece complies with uniform standards.