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NFLPA Files Grievance Against NFL Over New Conduct Policy

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The NFLPA has filed a grievance against the NFL because the owners approved a new personal conduct policy unanimously on Dec. 10th without the consent of the NFLPA.

“The union referred to Article 2, Section 1 of the CBA that states the CBA “supersedes any conflicting provisions in the Settlement Agreement, the NFL Constitution and Bylaws, the NFL Rules, or any other document affecting terms and conditions of employment of NFL players.”

The NFLPA alleges that the new personal conduct policy is an “NFL Rule” and must conform to the terms of the CBA.”

The NFL then moved to instantly make themselves look like the good guy.

“We and the public firmly believe that all NFL personnel should be held accountable to a stronger, more effective conduct policy. Clearly, the union does not share that belief.”

“Among the key changes of the new policy is the use of independent investigations; the NFL can hire a special counsel for investigations and decide who will oversee initial discipline.”

So it looks like the NFL gave itself more power in overseeing player discipline while not including the NFLPA in the process.

The players need to learn, its Roger’s world and they are just living in it.