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Stephen Curry’s Mom Still Fines Him For Turnovers

steph curry

And you thought having a former NBA dad was rough.

Stephen Curry turns the ball over on about 14.7 percent of the possessions he uses, which is once of the rates in the NBA today.

Curry’s ability to hang onto the ball may come from the fines he receives for turning the ball over. No the fines don’t come from the Warriors.

Sonya Curry, Steph’s mom, tracks those turnovers and he has to pay a pretty healthy fine if he gets more than three a night, reports Ann Killion of the San Francisco Chronicle.

Sonya came up with the idea of fining her son a few seasons ago, frustrated at watching him lose the ball too many times in one game. She checked with her husband, former NBA guard Dell, on what would be a reasonable number of turnovers to hold Stephen to per game; they settled on three. Anything more than that, he owes his mother: $100 per giveaway. Anything under is subtracted from his total.

At the end of the season, Curry doesn’t write his mother a check; she just lets him know — usually through his wife, Ayesha — what fashion items she has had her eye on.

“It keeps me on the edge every game,” he said. “I know she’s going to text me or have some witty one-liner about what she’s going to buy with all of my gifts.”

Mrs. Sonya is rough.