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10-Year-Old Math Genius Enrolls in College

Esther Okade 10 year old enrolled in college

Out of all the things you would think a normal 10-year-old girl would be doing right now, I bet attending college wouldn’t be one of them. A 10-year-old girl from the UK named Esther Okade just recently enrolled in college and is already doing exceptionally well.

According to The Telegraph,

Esther, one of the UK’s youngest university students, is studying for a maths degree with the Open University.

She enrolled three weeks ago and is already top of the class, scoring 100 per cent on a recent test.

Her mother, Efe, said applying to the university was “an interesting process because of her age.”

She said: “We even had to talk to the Vice Chancellor.

“After they interviewed her they realised that this has been her idea from the beginning.”

“From the age of seven Esther has wanted to go to university. After three years she told me, ‘Mum I think it is about time I started university now.”

Esther applied in August, and after a phone interview, an essay and a maths exam, she finally got the news in December that she had been accepted onto the course.

“Esther talks about running her own bank one day,” added Efe. “She has a lot of plans, and talks a lot about finances.

“She says she wants to be a millionaire.”

We definitely need more children like Esther in this world.