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BSO Interviews Black Comics Month Creator


Black Comics Month started as just a hashtag, but it has expanded into a cultural phenomenon. Not many people are aware of the lack of support shown to black comic book creators but one person stepped up. She goes by the alias of Vixen but she’s much more than her secret identity. She started her own website dedicated to the exposure of the comic book world and its creators, but once she saw that not many people knew black superheroes, she decided to inform. What she didn’t know was the success that was soon to follow and a tweet that confirmed its success.

What inspired Black Comics Month?

– There was an announcement of bringing back Milestone Media. I was excited, but then I saw a lot of people were asking “Who are Milestone Media?” I was perturbed that people didn’t know about these great men, which followed with them asking about black superheroes. Right there was when I knew I had to highlight these great creators because they aren’t getting the spotlight. They spent so much time creating and no one is aware of their work. This was my opportunity to provide a platform and a voice to them. 

Describe what exactly Black Comics Month is and the things you’re doing?

-It started out as 28 days of spotlight for black creators and artist. Seeing that people that didn’t know many of them, including myself, I decided to educate. I have spent extensive time researching and interviewing different creators to help inform people. Since seeing the success of Black Comics Month, I have decided to expand it further than February and celebrate it 365.

What are some success you would like to share that you’ve experienced?

-When Marvel tweeted me, I was shocked! I never thought BCM would be a success and to see Marvel acknowledge it was huge! That meant that not only am I reaching my timeline but I’ve expanded to the universe of Marvel. It was mind blowing. It reached their readers and that means that more people are learning and we are bridging the gap. It was a great first step.

What are some of your favorite Black Comic Books?

-Bryan Edward Hill, he has a book called “Postal” the characters aren’t black. When I interviewed him, he said something that stood out “just because you’re black doesn’t mean you have to write a black character”. At times people want to put you in a box but he stepped out of it and created something different; something other than his norm. The book is amazing and he’s such a great writer. 

Are there any giveaways you are doing?

-BlackComicsMonth is also having a HUGE GIVEAWAY! Majority of those featured on are giving away signed books and prints, make sure you enter the giveaway ( ) here!

Who has helped you that you would like to acknowledge?

-I would like to take this opportunity to thank my team who has helped me with interviewing and writing reviews on comics otherwise BlackComicsMonth would not be as successful as it is right now. VixenVarsity writers BeauxKnows and Asiaelle, Snow Daze comic writer, Leonardo Faierman, contributors BlkGirlManifest,TiffScribes and DeleMage. Without these six people would not be jam packed full of content as it is currently. Much love to Gail Simone who sent out several signal boosts and contacted publishers on my behalf, while a few said no, we were blessed by Dynamite Comics who gave us Shaft #1 and later BOOM! Studios who gave us Dead Letters #1

Below are some of the featured comic books that she has celebrated:



To participate in Black Comics Month, follow the hashtag #BlackComicsMonth and see where it takes you! You never know what you might find; it could be a new book, friend or even a good follow. Experience something different and support a growing culture in the comic book world. Lastly, follow the creator herself at @MizCaramelVixen.