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Cops Say Warren Sapp Paid $600 For Oral Sex and Recorded It

Warren Sapp Mugshot

Police say Warren Sapp admitted to paying $600 for oral sex from two hookers — while also recording the oral pleasure for his later listening experience.

Sapp was arrested on Feb 2 in Phoenix for soliciting prostitution following an alleged incident at a hotel.

According to the police report, Sapp claims he met two women in the hotel bar who claimed to be strippers.

Sapp reportedly offered the women — a 23-year-old and a 34-year-old — $300 each in exchange for a sex act.
According to the report, the women went to the room and began dancing for Sapp — who threw $100 bills at them.
At one point, Sapp says he received oral sex from the 23-year-old … and recorded it on his cell phone.
For some reason, cops say he SHOWED cops the video.

Sapp told investigators that the young 23-year-old began asking for more cash — he refused to pay — causing the woman to become “irate.”

After Sapp refused to pay more — the woman called security to the room.

The woman told cops she grabbed her stuff and was going to leave when Sapp grabbed her by the arms and threw her into the hallway — knocking her and the other woman down to the ground.