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Exclusive Interview: Broner “I Can Be As Big As Michael Jackson”

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Adrien Broner has been known more for his pre & post-fight antics than his work in the ring the past couple of years but the Adrien Broner I spoke to was a different guy than the one I’ve seen in the past.

Hasn’t it been weird that we haven’t gotten the ceremonial Broner IG post with him flushing money down a toilet or engaged in “acts” with women? That’s because the Broner that I spoke with was reserved, introspective and dare I say mature?

I know maturity doesn’t happen overnight but I would say that there’s definitely been a step in the right direction. Now we have to see if that translates into the ring on March 7th when he takes on John Molina Jr.

Broner sat down with us to talk about the NBC fight, Floyd Mayweather, his family and Al Haymon:

BSO: What does being in the first PBC card mean to you and your brand?

Broner: Man it’s huge. I think they are expecting 133 million viewers. That’s big anything can come out of that, I can be bigger than Michael Jackson.

BSO: With that large of an audience do you feel any added pressure?

Broner: Ain’t no pressure, I bring the pressure.

BSO: Is their anything Molina Jr. Brings to the table that will challenge you? 

Broner: He’s a very deadly opponent. He can change the fight with one punch. I definitely have to be on my A-game.

BSO: Will you be more defensive given Molina’s power?

Broner: Just because he has power doesn’t mean anything, he still has to hit me.

BSO: Speaking of big fights, Mayweather vs Pacquiao was announced. Where do you stand on that announcement? 

Broner: I stand at the same place I stood when the fight didn’t happen. At the end of the day I’m very happy for my bigger brother but when he goes in to fight I don’t make money off of that. The John Molina fight is bigger than the Pacquiao fight to me.

BSO: How do you feel entering the Molina fight? Are you confidence that you’ll leave there with a victory?

Broner: Honestly, I feel like John Molina better bring his A game. If he doesn’t I’m going to beat him, If he don’t I’m still going to beat him. It don’t matter man.

BSO: What is Al Haymon’s role in creating these huge fights? How did he help you further your career?

Broner: You know Al Haymon is like a grandpa, everything he tells me he will do for me he does. He’s a loyal guy, he’s a stand up guy and he’ll give you whatever you’re looking for; you just have to be ready for it.

BSO: You’ve always been driven by a hunger to be the best, to be on Floyd’s level. You’re no longer undefeated so what drives you now? 

Broner: My kids. To know that they want to do what I do and seeing them be happy is what drives me. If I wasn’t able to my job I wouldn’t be able to provide for them.

BSO: Has being a father made you a more mature fighter and has it had any effect on your boxing career? 

Broner: Knowing that I got mouths to feed and I have people that look up to me, I have to set a good example.