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Hornets Bismack Biyombo Takes Homeless Man to Dinner


The Charlotte Hornets spent a few days in Chicago last week while waiting for Wednesday’s night game verses the Bulls. The team was giving free time to explore the city and Bismack Biyombo made the best of it. While roaming the Chicago streets, Biyombo came across a homeless man who was in need. Biyombo found it in his heart to take and treat this man to dinner.

Good morning people! Was Bless last night in Chicago to spent time with this great homeless person, who I so sleeping outside as I was walking around the city, he was cover with few things and I spoke to him and after we spoke, I ask him if he want it to get food and he said man I will love to but I can’t go into a restaurant. I ask him why? He said because of the way I’m dressing and the way I look.. I could believe it or no? But I want it to experience that myself, as we walk around the mall before we go get some food, officers had to ask if he was with me until we get to the restaurant!! The amazing thing is that I had a great diner and great time and some great conversation and what we did after is between God of this universe and I… This guy read books and is recommendation was this Book call the secret that going to be my next Book!! So people I will just ask you to help because you want to not because you have to.. Help build a better society, be part of something special!! God bless”

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