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Jackie Robinson West LLWS Team Under Investigation

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The Little League decision on the investigation into whether Jackie Robinson West based out of Chicago used top “Suburban” players in violation of the residency rules. The Little League International Committee met on Tuesday to discuss the Investigation into the team alleged rule bending and “possible resolutions.”

On Tuesday, Little League Spokesperson Brain McClintock said the organization had received “new information” that prompted further review of the allegations. He would not elaborate

The investigation started last year , when a official from Chicago Suburban League made the Little League Committee aware that there were players who lived in the suburbs with already established Little League teams. This sounds like a bitter old coach who is still reaching for his glory days and decides to take it out on a bunch of underprivileged kids. This is not fair to those kids who worked hard to reach their goal of a Little League Championship. hopefully the committee can come to a fair decision that won’t hurt the kids but will punish the adults.

A decision is expected this week.