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LA Stadium Near Airport Would Be Terrorist Target

Inglewood Stadium Proposal

If you’re in the business of LA-stadium building, then business is good. Unless your stadium is proposed to being built near Los Angeles International Airport.  Los Angeles is trying to coax an NFL team to move into town, like the Chargers or the Raiders, but first they need a stadium. Enter multiple developers trying to get their stadiums built. A report commisioned by a competing project has concluded that a proposed stadium in Inglewood by developer Hollywood Park Land Co would be a potential terrorist target due to its proximity 2.5 mile to LAX. The report was commissioned by AEG which is proposing a stadium in Downtown LA, and the 14-page report was made by former Homeland Security Secretary, Tom Ridge.

Via Associated Press,

Ridge concluded that in a world when terrorism is a recognized threat that “the peril of placing a National Football League stadium in the direct flight path of (the airport)” … outweighs whatever benefits it would bring over its lifespan.

This is obviously a “shots fired” situation between competing firms trying to get their project approved by hurting their opponents. Obviously this is something that is hard to argue with and with the report the city can’t risk approving the site and have something happen.