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Lebron Mad at Not Competing in Dunk Contest

Lebron and Wade

Lebron James has never been in the dunk contest, in case anyone reading this has lived inside a shoe for the last decade of life. At yesterdays All-Star media session, former teammate and guest correspondent Dwyane Wade asked Lebron about the dunk contest and Lebron gave an interesting answer.

Via NBA.com,

It’s been some years where I said I was going to do it and didn’t do it. And then actually watching the dunk contest, I was mad at myself, because I believe it would have been great.

Now, at this point, I’m over the hill now. You ain’t going to see me no time soon. It’s over with.

Dwyane Wade got the “hot scoop” as we say in our business. How are you over the hill though Lebron? Maybe he’ll be a surprise entrant and is trying to throw us off the scent?