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Old Woman Arrested For Stealing Bottle Of Sex Pray from CVS

Woman steals sex spray


You can never be too old to want to be sexy.  One woman wanted to get the men mesmerized with her new sexual spray she happened to shoplift from CVS.

The Daily Mail reports:

An 82-year-old woman was arrested after trying to steal a $7.39 bottle of Sexual Fantasies body spray from a CVS Pharmacy near her Georgia home.

Anneliese Young was caught by a store employee who spotted her placing the item into her purse in the Augusta store on January 27, according to police reports.

The elderly woman then walked out of the CVS without paying for the ‘Fireworks’ fragrance.

Young was then confronted by an employee outside the store just before 2pm.

The pensioner was apologetic, admitted to the theft and handed over the Sexiest Fantasies spray.

The Fireworks fragrance of Sexiest Fantasies ‘provides a burst of sensuality as plump wild strawberries, succulent peaches and voluptuous vanilla come together’, according to the manufacturer.

The ingredients ‘create a fragrance as addictive and seductive as the woman who wears it’.

Can’t blame grandma for wanting to get sexy! Get it girl.