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Report: MLB To Alter Strike Zone To Increase Offense

rob manfred

Jeff Passan reports that the MLB Rules Committee has discussed altering the strike zone after the 2014 season had the lowest Runs Per Game since 1981.

“Concern around baseball about the strike zone filtered down to the MLB’s Playing Rules Committee, which must formally adopt a rules change before it’s implemented. The committee will pay close attention to the size of the strike zone in 2015 with an eye on change as early as 2016 after studies showed it has expanded significantly since 2009, coinciding with a precipitous dip in run scoring. Of particular concern, sources said, is the low strike, a scourge not only because it has stretched beyond the zone’s boundaries but is considered a significantly more difficult pitch to hit.

Since 2009, the average size of the called strike zone has jumped from 435 square inches to 475 square inches, according to Roegele’s research. The results: Pitchers are throwing more in the lower part of the zone, and hitters are swinging at an increased rate, knowing the tough-to-drive pitches will be called strikes.”

Baseball legacies are determined by numbers more than any other sport so I can see why baseball purist may be upset about this, but something that creates more offense and increases excitement may be what the MLB needs to attract a younger audience.

H/t Yahoo