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Top 10 UNC-Duke Moments (Videos)

UNC/DUKE, luck

Its that time of year again. Rivalry Week.

Since 1920, these two North Carolina teams have faced off. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Duke University, will face off tonight for the 239th time. Yes, you read that right. This is the 73rd time they meet with both teams ranked. The two teams have been battling it out for decades and tonight will be no different.

The two will face off at 9pm on ESPN, but before you tune in, let me take you down memory lane with the top 10 best moments.

10. Chris Duhon Reverse Layup

When: Feb. 2, 2004

Chris Duhon with the dagger at the end overtime with the reverse lay-up. Despite their end of regulation luck, Carolina just couldn’t make the comeback.

Score: UNC 81, Duke 83

9. Michael Jordan with 32 points

When: Jan. 22, 1983

Cant have a UNC/Duke countdown without the greatest, right? Jordan has 32 point in a big UNC win.

Score: UNC 103, Duke 82

8. Eric Montross bloody face

When: Feb. 5, 1992

Who can forget Eric Montross with the bloody face?

Score: UNC 75 Duke 73

7. Fight Between UNC Larry Brown and DUKE Art Hayman

When: Feb. 2, 1961

This rivalry has always been heated. This fight is between UNC Larry Brown and Duke Art Hayman. As you can see, Hayman fouled Brown. Brown swung on him in what lasted to be a 10 min fight!

Score: UNC 77, Duke 81

6. Tyler Hansbrough bloody nose

When: March 4, 2007

Remember that Flagrant foul committed by Gerald Henderson against Tyler Hansbrough?

Score: UNC 86, Duke 72

5. Jeff Capel’s buzzer beater

When: Feb. 2, 1995

Jeff Capel with the floater to take it into double OT, but its wasn’t enough to extend a win… Almost as good as Austin’s last minute shot?

Score: UNC 102, Duke 100

4. Jerry Stackhouse dunk

When: Feb. 2, 1995

And ESPN think we don’t need Dick Vitale tonight?? Stackhouse’s dunk was that great. America, are you serious?!?!

Score: UNC 102, Duke 100

3. UNC Scores 8 points in 17 seconds

When: March 2, 1974

UNC scoring 8 points in 17 seconds anyone? Lets add a “W” to that too.

Score: UNC 92, Duke 92 (OT)

2. Marvin Williams missed free throw with put back

When: March 3, 2006

And Marvin Williams for the put back!

Score: UNC 75, Duke 73

1. Austin Rivers Dagger

When: Feb. 8, 2012.

Do I need to explain this dagger? UNC will never forget this.

Score: UNC 84, Duke 85

Enjoy the game tonight folks! Maybe tonight we will get some gems to add next time!

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