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Cromartie’s Wife Responds to Accusations From His 1st Baby Mama

Rosemita Pierre Antonio Cromarite

I am sure if Antonio Cromartie could go back in time he wouldn’t have been so casual with the women he had sex with and therefore wouldn’t have 10 kids by 8 women in 6 states. But, we can’t erase our past or delete our hoeness (no matter what Draya says). All people can do is try to do better in the future.

For Cromartie that is what he has done. He has gotten his finances in order, he has worked out agreements with all the mothers and is trying to be the best father to all the kids. He appears to happily married and in a very stable situation. But, when you have dealt with so many women eventually things will pop in. Case in point, Cromartie’s first baby mama Rosemita Pierre has an issue with him that was reported today in NY Post.

Rosemita Pierre recently found her son, Alonzo, 10, Cromartie’s oldest child, living with the footballer’s mother in Tallahassee, Fla.

Last week, sheriff’s deputies finally returned the boy to Pierre for a court-ordered visit, and on Friday, Pierre, 28, won a court order forbidding Cromartie from taking the boy out of Florida, where she lives.

In an ominous text message to Pierre, Cromartie warned:

“U can stop calling my mom asks (sic) about Alonzo, if there is something u need to know about Alonzo u contact me and furthermore u will not be getting Alonzo.”

“It was a slap in the face,” Pierre told The Post. “He doesn’t care about our son. He just wants to tear me down.”

One thing should be pointed out. Cromartie has full custody of his son, if you want to know why, Cromartie’s wife Terricka sheds some light on the situation via her Twitter account.

After doing some research, part of the reason Antonio Cromartie has full custody is Ms. Pierre has had some run ins with the law in different cities and has been in and out of the her son’s life over the years.  So, the question begs is this just about money or does she really want to start being in his son’s life?  Is Ms. Pierre making a scene now because Cromartie just signed a new deal with Jets or out of general concern for her son?

As far as the author of the story Susan Edelman, she does seem to focus a lot on Cromartie’s kids. It doesn’t appear she reached out to Cromartie or did a background check on Ms. Pierre. If you are going to do a story like this, you want to make sure you get both sides of the story or at least try to get both sides as opposed to making it appear Cromartie is doing something wrong.

The question should have been asked to Ms. Pierre why she doesn’t have custody in the first place and her criminal history, so at least people might understand why Cromartie has reservations about his son’s relationship with her. In the end the most important thing is the child, so hopefully it can be worked out amicably.