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Google Looking to Get Into Mobile Carrier Business


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Google is behind the Android OS, the leading OS in mobile at the moment, but the popular search engine is now planning to compete in the actual service market. That means you may be signing your next phone service contract with Google rather than Verizon or AT&T.


The news follows media reports last month that Google was looking to partner with T-Mobile and Sprint in the U.S. to operate their wireless service.

So Google would pay Sprint and T-Mobile to rent their already in place infrastructure. It’s small scale to begin with as Google feels it’s way out in the business but they will eventually have to either build their own infrastructure, not likely, or buy an existing one. Maybe they can actually buy into Sprint or T-Mobile if things start looking promising. Sprint and T-Mobile have long been distant third and fourth in the mobile service industry with Verizon and AT&T leading the pack. Google has the money to blow. I would sign up with Google in a heartbeat, would you?