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Richard Jefferson Buys Hat Off Of Random Guy For $700


Some stories are so odd that nobody would believe you unless you have proof. Fortunately for this next guy, we live in a day and age where acquiring the evidence is just a few button presses away.

This man, named Andrew, unsuspectingly walked into a bar in Arizona on Saturday night and was immediately approached by Dallas Mavericks forward Richard Jefferson.

While that in itself is enough to make some people’s nights, Jefferson took it a step further and started offering a ridiculous amount of cash for the cheetah-print Vans hat that Andrew decided to wear that evening. According to TMZ,

the Dallas Mavs star beelined it over his way with cash in hand … and started making offers for the dome piece. Andrew declined at first … but ultimately gave in for a handful of $100 bills — 7 in total.

So, why was Jefferson so obsessed with the hat? Andrew says RJ actually purchased the lid for teammate Chandler Parsons … who was also eyeing the cap that night.

The best part of the story — Andrew says he originally bought the hat for $25.

So it turns out he just really, really wanted the hat so he could give it to Chandler Parsons… that’s thoughtful, but still an odd way to blow $700 on someone.

Jefferson and Parsons are a couple of rich guys, obviously, but our bet is Parson’s would have preferred that money went somewhere else than some goofy looking hat.

Its so unbelievable that if this happened twenty years ago Andrew’s buddies wouldn’t believe him. All he’d have to show for it would be a lost hat and seven $100 bills he’d claim were from Richard Jefferson… Thank you, smart phones.

And good for Andrew. He’s the real winner of the situation here.