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Bellator Wins Court Case; Rampage Won’t Fight at UFC 186

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Bellator has been trying to block ‘Rampage’ Jackson from returning to the UFC since he announced his departure from the MMA promotion in January.

Bellator’s last effort came in an injection filed against Jackson for breach of contract. That injunction just passed in New Jersey and Rampage will be forced to wait to make his return to the octagon. broke down the details of the injunction:

Jackson previously claimed Bellator had breached its contract by not properly promoting his events or providing requisite entertainment opportunities as well as failing to provide a copy of the Bellator 120 pay-per-view buyrates. This, he claimed, gave him the contractual right to terminate their written agreement. He signed with the UFC, despite Bellator claiming it was Jackson’s exclusive promoter.

“We are pleased by the judge’s ruling and look forward to having Rampage fighting for Bellator again soon,” Bellator said when reached for comment.

Bellator filed a preliminary injunction in March asking, among other things, that Jackson be prevented from competing at UFC 186, fighting in the UFC at all and more.

Rampage posted this response via Instagram:

“Smart move Bellator!,” Jackson says. “Go to a small town where your company knows the judge,to get a judgement to pissoff your costumers #aintworriedboutnothing.”

This back-and-forth seems very childish. After this process there is almost 0% chance that Rampage competes for Bellator again, so there actions come off as spiteful.

The real ones suffering are fans of the UFC and fans hoping to get a good card at UFC 186.